Data and Insights

Data and Insights

OQ Assist works with our partners Localis to provide in-depth analysis of your target audiences, destination, region and competitors, bridging the divide between tourism data and actionable insights for your business.

In partnership with Localis, OQ Assist utilises a combination of data sets to provide you with deep insights into your target audiences, destinations, competitors and markets. This cost-effective solution delivers easy to use data giving you the power to establish the key features and characteristics of your region, customer profiles and behaviour to ensure that your activities are directed on achieving the maximum impact for your business.

For example, data-driven tourism profiles provide an accurate picture of your region’s visitors by identifying who they are and where they come from, how they travel, the duration of their stay, their reason for visiting, where they go and the activities they’re looking for. These metrics can support your operational decision-making and strategic planning to ensure your activities are tailored specifically to reach the people who are most likely to become your customers.

These data services are essential tools to help business decision making – for both tourism and non-tourism businesses, as well as large organisations, regional Councils / local government areas.

We can also help you to measure the economic impact and effectiveness of your marketing activities or event, assisting you to refine budgets and costings to achieve the maximum return on your investment.

Data uses and services include:

  • Competitor Research
  • Key Trends
  • Event Analysis
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Accommodation Metrics
  • Flight Data
  • Unserved Routes
  • Tourism Profiles
  • Catchment Analysis
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Data for Grant Writing

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